Producing Reel 2018

Special Thanks to My Collaborators: Swetha Regunathan- "Hasim October" Steven Brickhouse- "Expectations" Gabriel Bier Gislason- "Purple Haze" Molly Gillis- "Now You Know" Na'ama Keha - "#metoo" Jack Kendrick- "Apartment Viewing" --- Edited and Sound Mixed by: Will Mayo



FREEDOM SHADOW August 2018- December 2018

Drama. Short. SAG. Producer

NOW YOU KNOW                                                             Sept 2017- May 2018.

Drama. Short. SAG. Producer

EXPECTATIONS                                                              October 2016- MAY 2017

Drama. Short. SAG. Producer/Assistant Director.

CAREER DAY August 2016- July 2018

Comedy/Drama. Short. Writer/Director/Producer.

PURPLE HAZE                                                                   October 2016- MAY 2017

Drama/Comedy. Short. SAG. NYC MOFTV. Co-producer.

HASSIM OCTOBER                                                          August 2016- MAY 2017

Drama. Short. Non- SAG. Permits through NJFC. Producer/Production Manager.

GOOD SETS                                                                         January 2016- October 2017

Comedy. Web series. Non-SAG. NYC. Upright Citizens Brigade Students. Over 2,000 hits upon release. Director.

MAGNANIMITY January 2016- June 2016

Drama. Short. SAG. Writer/Director/ Producer.

GOOD GIRL                                                                         January 2016- May 2016

Short. Drama/Sci-fi. SAG. Permits through NYCMOFTV. Producer/Assistant Director.


Film Festival ANNAPOLIS FILM FESTIVAL January 2019- April 2019

Festival Manager. As the Festival Manager I oversaw all of the different departments and made sure that everyone was on track

and had what they needed to succeed. I also oversaw the Hospitality department, booking travel and accommodations for our

industry guests and filmmakers. During the festival I wore many hats, from Venue Managing, to running the Filmmaker lounge, to

helping the Operations team set up and break down venues.

ANNAPOLIS FILM FESTIVAL January 2015- April 2015

Production Coordinator. As the coordinator I worked closely with vendors and our operations team to make sure that all of our

venues were set up properly and running smoothly.

Television Production

OUR LITTLE FAMILY                                                      April 2015- August 2015
Reality Television, TLC. Associate Producer- Responsibilities include monitoring video village, logging field notes, writing the hot sheets, continuity still, transcribing interviews, overseeing general production assistant work.

LITTLE PEOPLE BIG WORLD                                        July 2015
Reality television, TLC. Associate Producer- Responsibilities include supervising continuity and creative beats, taking stills, devising interview questions, and assisting the Producer.


NEW YORK UNIVERSITY- Tisch School of the Arts, New York City, NY. August 2015- May 2018. MFA- Producing Student. GPA- 3.94. 2nd Year was class rep. Graduate Assistant to the Office of the Chair/ Chair's Workshop Coordinator. 

TOWSON UNIVERSITY, Baltimore, MD. Graduated 2014
BS of Science. Major in Mass Communication, with a focus in Advertising. Minor in Electronic Media and Film. GPA- 3.708.
Dean’s List.

FILMSTERS ACADEMY 2018, Annapolis, MDI taught the advanced students, as an "industry guest" writing and film producing, over the course of two weeks. In those two weeks the class came up with an idea, wrote a script, produced it, shot it and edited the twelve minute short film. Throughout the process I helped teach the students each role on a film set, from script supervising to assistant directing to editing.