CAREER DAY- shot in 2017 in NYC on Cannon C300

Intrepid young Alley McBride, waits backstage for her mother, Mandy, who is running late, to arrive for their Career Day presentation. 

Written & Directed BY: Ashley Deckman

Produced BY: Ernest Gold, Artemis Shaw and Ashley Deckman

Cinematography BY: Adrian Cardenas

Awards: Best Supporting Actress (FRFF), Best Director (Capitol Hill Film Classic), SHORT OF THE WEEK

MAGNANIMITY - shot in NYC 2016 on Cannon C300

Sarah invites her twin brother to dinner to share her and her fiance, Parker's, exciting news, but the evening does not go as planned.  

Starring: Sarah- Marybeth Barone and  Parker- Dan Shaked

Cinematography By: Ernest Gold

Written/ Directed/ Edited By: Ashley Deckman


PANTY & THE TRAMP Shot in Brooklyn 2015 on 35 mm film

Starring: Mary Jane- Christine Spang

Cinematography BY: Nicholas Ma

Written/ Directed/ Edited BY: Ashley Deckman


Shot in Charleston SC in 2016 on Nikon 800 DSLR

Becca Barnet founder of Sisal Creative kindly let me into her studio for a week and this is what I found...

Filmed BY: Ashley Deckman


GOOD SETS- shot in NYC summer 2016 on Cannon C300

A fun web series I co-directed with some super talented stand up comedians in NYC who let us shoot a day in the life of a female comic. 

3 full episodes in total on YOUTUBE